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Layer up in our 100% alpaca shirts, hoodies, beanies and buffs and never miss a view, Our All-Paca Fleece products are designed to maximize functionality and minimize volume and weight in your pack. Period. They also have a full 6-month return policy if you are unhappy with the product. I have wanted... All-Paca™ Fleece Gaiter Our All-Paca™ Fleece Gaiter is made from 100% Alpaca Fiber. The material is extremely soft and not itchy, and having accessories made of Alpaca really suit active endeavors. 4 Appalachian Outdoors reviews. However, this time was a little different. Appalachian Gear Company. The material being held in place at your wrists keeps your hands warmer. One of the go-to cottage industry mid-layers. WE'VE IMPLEMENTED SPECIAL PROCEDURES TO KEEP EVERYONE SAFE, SO SOME ORDERS MAY BE DELAYED. 3.6K likes. Let me know by leaving a comment below right now. When you make a purchase through our site, we may earn a commission. Somewhere in between the two would be perfect. Abrasion, Construction, & Durability: Appalachian Gear Company touts their Trail Seam and Weft knit fabric as having. We’re never going to call any product perfect, but the All-Paca Fleece Hoodie comes awfully close. I love helping people to get out and hike by writing articles on backpacking skills and ultralight gear.. Read More. “Our Hoodies run large, so if you think you might be in-between sizes, go with the smaller size.”, “These garments are generally sized for a normal fit, and not a compression fit. See more ideas about outdoors adventure, appalachian, backpacking. Boots vs Shoes? When you pull on a shell layer over the top the sleeves stay in place. The All-Paca™ Fleece Hoodie: Winner of Backpacker Magazine 2019 Editors' Choice Snow Award. Appalachian Outdoor Gear, LLC is a Tennessee Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on October 27, 2016. Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Fleece Hoodie. If a more athletic fit is needed, you can go a size down.”. With a medium hoodie weighing just 11oz I feel the Appalachian Gear Company has hit the sweet spot when it comes to lightweight mid-layers. FREE eBook – 50 Ultralight Backpacking Tips, Advice for Future Continental Divide Trail Hikers, Backpacker Magazines’ Editors Choice Award, Best Backpacks For Thru-Hiking – (Advice From an Actual Thru-Hiker), HMG Windrider 3400 & 3400 Southwest – (Long Term Review From a Thru-Hiker), Best Mid Layers for Hiking – 7 of the Best Options in 2020. The hood is one thing that lets the hoodie down in my opinion. These Appalachian Gear Company Fleeces. It is not as warm as my current puffy jacket the RAB Proton. Premium Resophonic Guitars. App Gear has a 30-day return policy for exchanging your hoodie so if you’re not happy with the fit you can switch it out. Appalachian Gear Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. I wore it so much partly because I wanted to thoroughly test it out but mainly because it was so damn cozy in the winter months. For reference, these photos show me wearing the All-paca fleece hoodie in large and a Melanzana hoodie in a medium. All-Paca Fleece Hoodie. It’s a step up in quality from the “generic fleeces” I mentioned above but still more affordable than the App Gear Hoodie or a Melanzana. The materials’ warm when wet attribute goes hand in hand with its breathability, making it well suited as an active mid-layer. I’d be intrigued to see if they will eventually release a heavier weight version further down the line. I wanted a mid-layer that would accommodate a base layer underneath and possibly one more thin layer. It recently won Backpacker Magazines’ Editors Choice Award – A great achievement. I am a medium (US) in most things. Our testing took place in a variety of settings, everything from sea level to 14,000 foot summits. Product sales to Southeastern Outdoor Specialty shops. At Appalachian Guitars, LLC, we have one goal: To be the best sounding resophonic guitar you can own. tremendous toughness and durability, so you can be confident the gear will perform under extreme stress and prolonged usage. We combine 45 years in the textile industry with countless miles logged on trails across the country to introduce innovative and environmentally friendly products that provide performance and value. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER AND GET 10% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER! (Discover The Truth Now)Many seasoned hikers have varying opinions on what should be included on your backpacking checklist, but he… BOOM. With the extra length at the hips and butt area, it can be difficult to layer the hoodie underneath a rain jacket or other layers. It’s hard to quantify exactly how “warm” a piece of clothing is but i’ll try. I’ve been testing out both of these products alongside the hoodie and have been quite impressed. And you can be part of the UL gram counter small pack club if that’s your thing. are becoming a word-of-mouth favorite amongst thru-hikers, and for good reason.. Alpaca wool is dense, warm, lightweight, and doesn’t itch when it comes into contact with skin. Carl Kirkpatrick. It fits well in the chest and arms and the sleeve length is good. Appalachian Gear Company combine 45 years of textile industry history with countless mileage records to launch innovative products across the country that provide performance and value while minimizing environmental impact. I still ended up with a hoodie that is too large for me. It runs very large. Appalachian Gear Company is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. Our 100% alpaca hoodies keep you comfortable and dry while you're screaming down untouched powder, and our innovative performance shirt is the perfect layer to stay cool and composed the next time you're gripped 20 feet above your last piece. From a stylistic standpoint, I’m always going to prefer a beanie with a rollover “cuff” design as I think they look better. I’ve had several merino/organic material garments shrink on me. Because of its’ design, it tends to sag and gets in the way unless repeatedly positioned away from the forehead. Fortunately, Appalachian Gear Company make an Alpaca Neck Tube. All-Paca Fleece Hoodie Review. Appalachian Hike Equipment List Cold Weather and Summer Gear. A mainstay in Patagonia’s line up for many years, the R1uses Polartec Power Grid (similar to Melanzana’s Micro Grid). The perfect midlayer is soft over just a T-shirt, warm when wet, odor-resistant, and light and packable and durable. If you like Appalachian Gear Co you might find our coupon codes for Rowen & Wren UK, Skin Pharm and Einstein Bros. Bagels useful. Wears comfortably all day and is a great choice to pack for long hikes. It may be produced in places where employees aren’t treated fairly. Why did these things make the cut? Along with the hoodie, I tested an All-Paca fleece beanie and an All-Paca fleece gaiter. We’re making the case for why natural fibers are per... Dressing for adventure is all about the layers, and the warm summer months are no exception. This is my review of the Altra Running trail running shoes and a little info on hiking footwear for the Appalachian Trail. The 100% Alpaca material makes the hoodie extremely breathable, making it ideal as active insulation when hiking and backpacking. They do the same job and more as the All-Paca Fleece Gaiter. However, comparing it to down or synthetic puffy jackets is a little unfair as they are not designed to do the same thing. It drowned me even before I lost weight. I want breathable layers that keep me warm but not too warm. The items came out fresh and fluffy and ready to be put back to use. Despite running in temperatures dipping below zero, I generate a huge amount of body heat. More. For the Appalachian Trail, most hikers will need a pack that holds between 50 to 65 liters. We extensively tested each piece of gear more than once, with the exception of the alcohol stove. With the overall weight of the hoodie being so low, the material is relatively thin (think thin fleece or thicker merino) and so the garment can only be so warm. A cheap, generic fleece is always going to be a functional piece of gear in the backcountry. Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul 40L (not pictured above, but in my Instagram). Keeps you cool when it’s hot out, warm when it’s cold out. Quality may be sub par, and fit and finish may not live up to these other competitive options. Do you own an App Gear Hoodie? Hate it? The Appalachian Gear Company LLC is a North Carolina Limited-Liability Company filed on January 31, 2017. Appalachian Gear Company is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. The “Mellie” hoodies are sought after items that boast one of the best warmth to weight ratios on the market. Leave your synthetics in the gear closet. I believe that if the hood was created out of three separate panels rather than two it would give the hood more structure and keep it out of the eyes. I would suggest buying the rest of your gear first then selecting a pack. The example I have here weighs 15 oz / 430 g but much lighter ones can be found for very little monies. Merino wool and fleece are soft to the touch and now Alpaca material is following suit. Materials are sourced from Peru and the hoodie is manufactured in the USA. Appalachian Trail Gear. Thankfully the days of scratchy, itchy wool and other fabrics are behind us. Your backpack is key because it is your home that you carry with you. Welcome to Appalachian Gear. In the last 180 days Wethrift has found 1 new Appalachian Gear Co coupons. The Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Fleece Hoodie is a lightweight mid-layer great for hiking. However, in the belly area, it is very baggy and the hem falls too low for my liking. Comfort is everything. The wool is breathable and makes a fantastic mid-layer or camp layer. It’s not much extra work but adds in a ton of functionality. 3.4K likes. In our latest review we examine 17 stoves. Especially as most hiking/active clothing is cut above the waist. Did I miss off an important feature? More. This is always sold out and is in perfect condition. The beanie would soak up a lot of that moisture and start dissipating it. Check out more of my recommended hiking clothing here. We are not reviewing every single item we brought, (such as clothing) but at least the major gear items. I’ll also do mini reviews of some of their alpaca accessories. Anyone’s gear list for an Appalachian Trail thru hike ends up being very personal. 1. If people don’t like them they don’t have to use them but please manufacturers, give us the option. Signup to receive articles about Ultralight Backpacking, Thru-Hiking and Gear Guides & Reviews. There are lighter hoodies/mid-layers on the market such as the Kuiu Peloton, weighing 4.5oz. In the coming months, I’ll be putting together a comprehensive guide to the best mid-layers for active endeavors. $145 shipped. Fit and finish is superb. Sure a lot of companies are using as much recycled material as possible (Patagonia), but these products are still made of plastic. Running is always a good testing ground. Look for a full review in the future. But here are a few other great competitive options for the Appalachian Gear Company All-paca fleece hoodie. When ordering my hoodie I intentionally wanted a slightly larger fit. This issue with sizing is probably my own fault but be aware they do run big and factor that in. Sign up to receive 10% off your first order! The Registered Agent on file for this company is Dario Petrovic and is located at … This is a review of the gear we used on our thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Here at App Gear Co, “made in the USA” is part of our DNA. Customers give positive reviews due to the durability and variety of products. It had been keeping me warm whilst being wet, and I didn’t even realize it. In this review of the All-Paca Fleece Hoodie, I’ll break down all the features, give you some comparable options and give my pros and cons, based on my usage. A grid like pattern that has channels for heat and moisture to escape. Post-Trail Gear Review: Appalachian Trail The only items you’ll need for six months, a thru-hiker's gear list fine-tunes the essentials when it comes to living in the outdoors. I think the Melazana is too small for me and the App Gear hoodie is too large. It has a Wild West Bank Robbery Cowboy design that can be pulled up onto the face and still insulates the neck. The 100% Alpaca material makes the hoodie extremely breathable, making it ideal as active insulation when hiking and backpacking. It uses Polartec Micro Grid (exclusive to Melanzana) material. Crafted from 100% alpaca fiber, the All-Paca layering system is engineered by nature, designed for the trail, and USA manufactured in an environmentally-responsible process. But, the streamlined design of the All-Paca Fleece Beanie is arguably more functional. I’d get home and only then realise it was wet. It would be dry within about an hour and didn’t start to stink or need to be washed after many weeks of regular use. Photos show sizing. Sign up to receive 10% off your next order! Check out my article on the best ultralight puffy jackets here. It has similar properties to Merino Wool – It doesn’t retain a lot of moisture, it insulates well when wet and doesn’t start to smell quickly like synthetics. The Registered Agent on file for this company is Hood Jr, James R and is located at 421 South Sharon Amity Rd Ste C, Charlotte, NC 28211. Appalachian Gear Company is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. I took a mid-layer I already owned and measured it as per the instructions on their website. The company's filing status is listed as Current-Active and its File Number is 1570314. carl@appalachiangear.com. Appalachian Gear Company. During active pursuits such as hiking with a pack for several hours, I’ve found the hoodie very breathable. Recent shoppers have saved an average of $11.24 when they used our coupons to shop online at Appalachian Gear Co. It’s a well made, no frills fleece that weighs just 11.4 oz / 323g. Sizing and fit has its own section below, I encourage you to read that before purchasing and check out the sizing instructions on the Appalachian Gear Company (App Gear) website. 7,528 Followers, 461 Following, 552 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Appalachian Gear Company (@appgearco) Hiking the Appalachian trail varies significantly from Summer to Winter. They also break down over time like any other organic material. Crafted from 100% alpaca fiber, the All-Paca™ fabric is engineered by nature, made for adventure, and USA manufactured with an environmentally-responsible process. On longer runs, I’d develop a good sweat. I feel the addition of thumb loops to the All-Paca hoodie or any similar mid-layer would be a nice touch. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 000872563. Feel … Knowing you must carry each and every item on your back makes most people pause and consider what truly are hiking essentials and what can be left behind. Appalachian Gear Company, Charlotte, North Carolina. Our hoodies, Crews and shirts have been thousands of miles and experienced millions and millions of rubs under backpack straps - and our Trail Seam™ has … The hoodie comes in five sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XL and XXL The hoodies run large and are designed to be “normal” fit, not athletic fit but can be sized to your requirements. We've surveyed the stove market, bought the best models, and tested them side-by-side and in our lab. After using the hoodie extensively I wanted to freshen it up. This is by far the best hoodie I have ever owned, for many reasons. But before we jump in, let’s briefly discuss weather and the seasons. The Appalachian Gear Company All-Paca Fleece Hoodie is a lightweight mid-layer great for hiking. You can see our full Appalachian Trail thru-hike gear list HERE. One of the big problems with washing synthetic (plastic) garments is they release microplastics into the water. All of these things aren’t great for the environment and it’s up to us to do our part. I hiked and ran in the fall and winter here in Helsinki, Finland. Below is a complete Appalachian trail gear list. Not talking about the problem with plastics and sustainability in 2020 would be a crime. I washed the hoodie and all the accessories mentioned below and had zero issues, no shrinkage whatsoever. The lightest version weighs 11.7 oz. Two Hyperlite Mountain Gear Employees Share their Appalachian Trail Thru Hike Gear List. According to a recent gear review in Backpacker magazine, they said that liner, in particular, can add 15 degrees of warmth to one’s bag. An affordable, functional mid-layer. Even hot summer days can... A Backpacker magazine article entitled ‘It's Time to Cancel Fleece’ recently made waves among outdoor enthusiasts and... For me, a trip is never real until the day before it starts. I’ve heard great things about the Appalachian Gear Company’s sleep liner. It excels as an active insulation layer when backpacking, but it’s so comfortable I’ve been wearing it around the house every day since I got it. Aside from adding a little weight and minimal cost I see no reason not to have added a simple kangaroo pocket to the front of the hoodie. Meets the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s specifications for Class 1 fiber and does not melt. Appalachian Gear Company Mens All-Paca Fleece Hoodie, XXL, Blue. Tom Warner has spent the last 10 years perfecting that sound, and his guitars are affectionately known as Appys. Appalachian Gear Company also offers short-sleeve shirts, long sleeve crews, neck gaiters, sleeping bag liners, and beanies. I’m always going to be reminding people that they don’t HAVE to spend a huge amount of money on every piece of gear for ultralight backpacking. For Men and Women. Winston-Salem, NC 27104. All-Paca Sleeping Bag Liner. Resists the growth of bacteria that cause odors. You’ll also get access to my FREE 15+ page ebook - 50 Ultralight Backpacking Tips. Perhaps the most important part of planning for your thru-hike is to pack the right hiking gear. I hate junk mail and I won’t send you any. It can easily be layered underneath a climbing helmet or other hat. Or, when used in snowy conditions or when precipitation is likely. I also wanted to follow the instructions for washing on their website and see if any shrinkage occurred. And when washed, microplastics do get into the water. There are options to have a hood or not, or a quarter zip vs a full zip. We're combining 45 years in the textile industry with countless miles logged on trails across the country to introduce innovative products that provide performance and value while minimizing environmental impact. It fits in perfectly amongst its peers and brings a lot to the table for its weight. Self-shakedowns occur daily and the gear talk never ends. If you’re looking for that then size down. Love it? The North Face Glacier zip is one of the best selling fleeces of all time. For me, hiking in this clothing would be comfortable down to about 14F/-10C , but everybody’s warmth level varies. Appalachian outdoors is a company that sells outdoor apparel, footwear and gear for camping, hiking, fitness and snow sports. You can see more specs on their website. Weight 14 oz . These hoodies have exploded in popularity with thru-hikers over the past two years, and each new shipment sells out quickly. After that time the hoodie had no smell whatsoever and the only reason I washed it was so to see how it held up. By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. Tony Langley studied with Tom in his Florida shop to learn every aspect of Tom's design. It's also super warm, breathable, and packable. I’ll also send you my FREE ebook - 50 Ultralight Backpacking Tips! The weave of the fabric allows body generated moisture to escape. I wore the Appalachian Gear Company All-paca fleece hoodie for multiple hours every day throughout the winter of 2019/2020. AT thru-hikers reveal their favorite pieces of gear for the long-haul on the trail. Despite there being a few legitimate cons, the All-Paca Fleece is one of my all-time favorite mid-layers for hiking. Many people believe it’s necessary to wear big heavy boots when out hiking, this is simply not true. I would say it is comparably warm to a similar weight fleece (see competitive options below) or a very lightweight puffy jacket such as the Mountain Hardware Ghost Whisperer. Appalachian Gear Company is an outdoor lifestyle company specializing in performance-based clothing and equipment manufactured in the United States. Specs. I’m Paul “Pie” Ingram a British dude living in Finland who hikes all over the world. 1. I love helping people to get out and hike by writing articles on backpacking skills and ultralight gear. Heading for the river? Having a place to keep cold hands or to quickly store a pair of gloves would be really nice. The company stocks top brands such as Life is good, Lole, Patagonia and Black Diamond. Shop the All-Paca Fleece Hoodie at appalachiangearcompany.com. For many of us, cold dread is the most significant barrier to winter camping. However, I believe this is more akin to a heavyweight baselayer, and would not be as warm as the App Gear Hoodie or the mid-layers mentioned below. Seriously, this was my favorite piece of gear. I’m 5 11 and weigh 170lbs. Buy Now $98.00. Specs. Mar 4, 2020 - Explore Michael Reese's board "Appalachian Gear" on Pinterest.

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